We aim to give you all of the information you need about OOMO on our site, but if we’ve missed something that you would like to know about then give us a Call. We have very nice humans at the other end of the phone and not robots!!


The Workouts

We have 2 signature programs at OOMO Fitness Studio. XPLOD | XPLOR. Each program has 2 different training formats.

In Layman’s terms:

XPLOD = A HIIT workout where you will burn a lot of calories, burn fat, tone and shape your body, get very sweaty but have a ridiculously fun time doing so as the beats are the best and our instructors are seriously motivating!

XPLOR = Think calm but stormy at the same time; stretching, toning, improving your posture, using a bar (not the one at barasti) to get you in shape! The music will take you to a new dimension!

Fitness levels required for the class

‘WHERE WE BELONG’ Our tagline wasn’t created for no reason at all. OOMO welcomes everyone. If you’ve got a dodgy knee then let us know though!

Age limit

You have to be 16 or above to attend one of our classes. Being over the age of 16 and acting like you're 15 is ok though!


OOMO Fitness Studio is located in Al Ferdous 3, Al Wasl Road Dubai. Near to Safa Park and easy to get to so no excuses!

Click here for location map.


We have more than enough! Al Ferdous Complex has underground parking which is completely free for OOMO customers. Alternatively there is also parking in front and behind the building.


Keep your belongings safe in our mixture of long and short lockers. The long lockers are perfect for hanging a Suit, Kandoora or Abaya so you don’t need to worry about looking like a crinkly mess at the office.


Freshen up after a class with our showers loaded with luxury products from Elemis. Keep it fresh!

Create account to book classes

It only takes 2 minutes to sign up! Head to the signup area of our site.

Do I need a Membership?

No memberships, no sign-up fees! We provide full flexibility, so you don’t waste your money on a gym membership that you hardly ever use. We offer a pay as you go model in either single classes or a package of classes.

Class Rates

We have packages of 5, 10, 20 and 40. Check out our packages here. Just remember that fitness is an investment and not a cost!

First Timer Promotion

Our first timer package is AED 120 and includes 2 classes. So basically buy one get one free!

Booking in advance

You can book any of our classes up to 1 week in advance. Our class schedule is released every Month by the 28th.

Class waiting list

OOMO is a popular place! If you go to book and the class is full you can put yourself on the waiting list and we will call you if a spot opens up.

Arrive early. We all know the reputation there is with timing around here!

We recommend that you arrive at the studio 15 minutes before the class, so you have time to check in, order your shake, grab some water and get ready to go!

Check in before the class

Our Relationship Associates are always on site to help you prior to your class. Check in with them before the class and they will then take care of you to make sure that you are set up well. Please check at least 5 minutes before the start of the class.

Help before the class if you’re new

Our Instructors will run a class intro session for all first timers 5 minutes before the class. We highly recommend to be early if it’s your first time. We want to get to know you too!

Running late for the class

Please contact us if you are running late. We strictly cannot allow you to enter the studio if you are more than 5 minutes late for safety and security reasons. If we don’t hear from you then we will release your spot to a person on the waitlist. We do have some things which are non-negotiable. Otherwise we are a fairly flexible bunch!

Cancelling a class

You can cancel your class up to 12 hours before. If something last minute comes up, you can change your booking to another class in the same day. Please call or email us to switch your class. If you don’t show or cancel within 12 hours of the class start time then you will lose your class credit. Sorry!

Workout clothing to wear

Embrace your difference! We love the way you are. Sportswear is recommended for both XPLOD and XPLOR.

The best footwear

For XPLOD please wear a pair of trainers. A cross training shoe is recommended. Due to new DSC protocols, bring your own mat and towel.
For XPLOR you are required to wear socks during the class. Barefoot training is not permitted in the studio. Due to new DSC protocols, bring your own mat and towel.

Grab a shake or a coffee

Our Energy bar has a full protein shake and smoothie menu which are perfect for refueling after a workout and packed full of nutrients to help you smash your goals.

OOMO Fitness Studio is more than just a fitness studio. It is a community hub. A place where you can meet new friends, connect with your group or have a coffee with one of our instructors who will be happy to give you further advice on training. Come and spend time with us, we would love to make new friends!